Vegetables get Sick Too? Join Us for A Free Webinar about Seed Disinfection.

Most consumers don’t realize, like humans the vegetables we eat are susceptible to bacterial and viral infections. Bacterial plant diseases can devastate your garden or a worse cases scenarios is a farmer who loses an entire field in a matter of a few days due to Bacterial Leaf Spot aka Pseudomonas syringae pv. aptata. However, many growers don’t realize that plant disease outbreaks can be avoided with seed disinfection prior to planting.

Seed disinfection

Swiss Chard Infected with Bacterial Leaf Spot | Avoid Crop Loss with Seed Disinfection: Probio® gopure®

Organic Seed Disinfection | ProBio® gopure®

Bacterial Leaf Spot can enter a field via the soles of your shoes, droplets of water or more commonly via seeds infected with the seed-borne disease. The following image was taken by the same grower who took the image above a few seasons later after disinfecting his seed with Germains organic seed disinfection process; ProBio gopure.

seed disinfection

A Field Once Infected with Bacterial Leaf Spot now Thrives due to Seed Disinfection | Probio® gopure®

ProBio® gopure® is Germains’ new organic process to remove seed borne pathogens such as Pseudomonas syringae pv.aptata from Swiss chard and beet seeds, and Pseudomonas syringae pv.coriandricola from coriander seeds.

Join Us for a Free Webinar to Learn More about Seed Disinfection

On May 24th, 2016 Germains Head of Operations and Research, Dale Krolikowski will conduct a short presentation on how you can reduce or eliminate bacterial leaf spot infection in your baby leaf Swiss chard, red beet and coriander crops with Germains organic seed disinfection. In addition, Dale will share information about other conventional seed health technologies such as gopure® for spinach and goseed® for lettuce.  This is a great opporunity for you to find out more information and to ask questions our products.   Click here to register for the free webinar!