Seed treatments for Wild Rocket

The Wild Rocket Trend

Seed treatments for Wild Rocket are becoming increasingly popular due to the crops distinctive taste and texture in salads. The plants are known for being dark green, uniformed and vigorous. This vegetable is rich in Vitamin C and potassium which is an important antioxidant promoting good skin health, alongside benefiting the body and bones.

What technologies do Germains provide?

Germains Seed Technology can provide processes for Priming, Pelleting and Filmcoating for the wild rocket. All these technologies can be processed at our facility in King’s Lynn, UK, where we have over 10 years’ experience of treating wild rocket varieties.

Wild Rocket seed treatments

Germains can also provide solutions for certified organic wild rocket.
As per our species chart, we can offer our pelleting technology for this species. Germains was the first to create a conventional pellet for sugar beet seed that has evolved over the years into the development of certified organic seed pellet for vegetables.

Available on wild rocket is procoat® which is a pill with a minimal crust, ideal for accurately drilling field crops.

Benefits of Organic seed treatments for Wild Rocket

Organic Seed Pelleting technologies offer many benefits, including:
• Produces bigger, rounder, and smoother seed pellets
• Allows for precision drilling
• The ideal carrier for some crop protection treatments
• Ensures uniform size of pelleted seed allows ability to handle even the finest seed
• Certified organic by the Soil Association and Skal Bio Controle

organic seed treatments for Wild Rocket

Other organic solutions are available include priming and filmcoating. Please get in touch with us to discuss these options. Jolanda Davidse – van Weverwijk is our Key Account Manager responsible for our Wild Rocket solutions. Jolanda has been working with us for also 20 years at our site in the Netherlands and will be able to talk you through our processes to help find the best solution for your crop. If you would like more information about our solutions for wild rocket, please contact Jolanda at