Soil Temperature Guide for Drilling Sugar Beet Seed

Monitoring soil temperature is a vital parameter to consider when planning to drill sugar beet seed. Planting into a warming seedbed will help to optimise field emergence and promote strong establishment.

In addition to ensuring a level seedbed and good soil structure, the British Beet Research Organisation (BBRO) highlight that “seed germination will start where soil temperatures are above 3°C but will be slow below 5°C” (BBRO SB Reference Book, 2019). Please click here to explore the BBRO Reference Book further.

The Germains weather stations in Cantley, Bury St Edmunds and Market Deeping are now live for you to monitor the soil temperature in your area, supporting your preparation this drilling season. Today’s result will not show the average until the day is completed.


Bury St Edmunds

Market Deeping