Xbeet® enrich 300


What is Xbeet® enrich 300?

Xbeet enrich 300 is the newest addition to Germains Seed Technology for sugar beet seed treatments.

This cutting-edge technology has been built on the capabilities of the market leading Xbeet enrich 100 and 200. The purpose of enrich 300 development has been to create a product that combines ingredients capable of working together to encourage accelerated and more uniform germination of sugar beet seed. This results in the rapid growth of robust plants that can readily confront challenges in the early stages of the growing season.


How does it differ from Xbeet enrich 100 and 200?

Xbeet enrich 300 incorporates the ingredients that have proven the capabilities of Xbeet enrich 100 and 200 and now also includes micro and macro-nutrients essential for both root and leaf development. In addition, Xbeet enrich 300 also includes improved seed priming technology, to further boost germination rates and germination vigour, providing enhanced performance under stressful conditions.

Results show quicker canopy growth, leading to the attainment of the ‘mature plant resistance’ stage sooner. This stage signifies the plant’s enhanced ability to withstand insect and disease pressure.

Trial results and value gain for growers

Trials have proven the value of Xbeet enrich 300 further boosts early root growth and leaf health above that already offered by Xbeet enrich 100 and 200

They include an average yield increase of 1.8% over enrich 200 and 3.2% over that treated with enrich 100 and competitor products. This has resulted in a yield advantage of 1.35t/ha over enrich 200 and 2.4t/ha over enrich 100 and competitor products, based on an average yield of 75t/ha. At an average beet price of £40/t, this translates to £54/ha in additional revenue when compared with beet from enrich 200 treated seed, and £96/ha over enrich 100 and competitor products.

Comparative Data

Comparative improvements in % adjusted yield. Percentage improvement in adjusted yield vs unprimed


Xbeet enrich 300 key benefits

Xbeet enrich 300 includes an optimised prime to trigger faster germination and a bespoke nutrient package to promote seedling development.


Emergence counts from grower engagement trials

Emergence % from grower trials over 3 years (2021-23) 50 sites across UK growing area


Extra yield from enrich 300 over enrich 200

Delivers at least 1t/ha extra yield, even more under stressful conditions




*When compared to Xbeet enrich 200 for an average 75t/ha grower

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Species availability:
Sugar Beet