Seed Finishing Powders & Coating Blends

Seed coating blends are powders specifically tailored to provide build-up, encrustment and pellets, which are working in harmony with the biological and mechanical requirements of the seed.

Key benefits of seed coating blends

  • Adding weight and gravity to very light or fluffy seeds, such as grasses
  • Increasing the size of very small and fine seeds, such as some flower seeds and tobacco seed, and increasing the size of undersized seed.
  • For specific scale or planting requirements, such as sunflower and corn maize
  • Improving the size and shapes of uneven or elongated seeds, such as sugar beet, lettuce and carrot, for greater precision of planting
  • Applying seed treatments to protect the seed and seedling from pest and diseases, in a safe and accurate manner for the applicator and user

Finishing powders

Finishing powders are used to absorb any excess liquid adhering to the surface of the seed after treatment. This allows seed to singulate and flow freely after treatment, in the absence of a post-treatment drying stage. If too little powder is applied to the seed, the seeds will stick together. If too much powder is applied, there may be excess dust, which could cause a handling problem and exceed local dust emission regulation. Prior trials will help to determine the correct balance.

Finishing powder application rates are dependent on a variety of factors such as:

  • The cosmetic effect desired
  • Total seed surface area to be covered
  • The amount of liquid applied in the mix
  • The type, size and absorptive capacity of the seed

Germains’ finishing powders and coating blends are a bespoke solution that comprise of a package of technologies, materials, skills, know-how, quality control, and technical support to help you carry out a successful seed treatment application. Please contact us today for finishing powder application rates.

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