Unveiling Xbeet enrich 300: Enhancing Sugar Beet Cultivation in the UK

Unveiling Xbeet enrich 300: Enhancing Sugar Beet Cultivation in the UK

Introducing Xbeet enrich 300

We’re thrilled to introduce a significant advancement in sugar beet seed treatments: Xbeet enrich 300. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Xbeet enrich 300’s unique features and benefits consistently delivers a yield increase of 1.8% – that’s 1.35 tonnes per hectare for a 75t/ha grower. We’ll delve into the extensive research that underpins the product’s performance and speak with the team that has been instrumental in its journey to market.

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Xbeet enrich 300: What sets it apart

“Xbeet enrich 300 seed treatment features an optimised primer that kickstarts germination plus a tailored nutrient package designed to nurture seedling development,” explains our lead scientist, Jordan Long.  “This unique blend equips crops with the resources they require right from the start, fostering robust and resilient growth.”

Designed specifically for UK conditions, Xbeet enrich 300 has proven to increase the speed of crop establishment, as well as plant populations and yields in comparison with Xbeet enrich 200. It’s now the optimal choice for UK growers,” he says.

Rigorous trials conducted over three years by accredited ORETO trial teams have consistently highlighted its advantages. In addition, commercial growers across the UK have corroborated its performance and safety through field-scale evaluations.

Supported by rigorous research

Behind the scenes, Xbeet enrich 300 is the result of years of dedicated research by our UK-based development team. “Research into Xbeet enrich 300 started eight years ago. After the laboratory work, small plot trials were carried out over three years. Encompassing different seedlots and diverse locations across the growing area helped demonstrate its efficacy over the wide range of varieties and conditions we experience here in the UK,” says Jordan. “More recent work with growers, proved those results are replicated in commercial situations.”

The gains await

“The benefits of choosing Xbeet enrich 300 are tangible,” notes European Commercial Manager, Richard Nicholls. “For the average UK grower, the potential for over 1.35 tonnes per hectare of additional yield is an enticing prospect. Moreover, this product equips crops with increased resilience to navigate the unpredictable conditions of spring with accelerated emergence and establishment paving the way for a good harvest. Xbeet enrich 300 delivers when most needed.”

Jordan agrees adding: “I’m excited that after all of the development work that has gone into enrich 300, we can offer growers the opportunity to use this product in their fields next season and see the benefits for themselves.”

In conclusion

Xbeet enrich 300 is a significant advancement for sugar beet production. It combines new technology and the latest understanding of the crop’s biology and physiology with ever-deepening agronomic knowledge and industry needs to enhance grower’s yields and cultivate more resilient crops. Specifically designed to support and increase yield for the UK sugar industry, Xbeet enrich 300 is set to become a key tool in the beet grower’s toolkit.