About Seed Polymers

Germains has an extensive range of seed technologies to support our customers’ requirements. However, there may be times when you would like to explore new opportunities or seek a customised seed technology solution specific to your needs or the challenges you are experiencing. Germains seed polymers offer our customers a flexible approach in developing bespoke seed technology solutions that satisfy your specific requirements.

Germains polyselect®  seed polymer brand offers a wide range of colors that allows you the ability to treat your seed in-house. Germains polyselect seed polymers provide quality high-performance seed technology  solutions that maximise the seed’s natural potential and result in the growth of a successful crop.

Key Benefits of polyselect® Seed Polymers

Germains polyselect polymers have been tested and used in different coating equipment to ensure its compatibility. The amount of materials required depends on factors such as:

  • Cosmetic quality required
  • Type of seed treatment equipment
  • Loading of active and inert solids required
  • Species, colour, size and surface texture of the seed

We offer seed coating polymers for filmcoating as well as finishing powder and blends for encrustments or pelleting. Our seed polymers offer unique properties depending on the customer’s requirements. Please contact your local Germains representative, who can offer advice on the most appropriate seed polymer for your needs.

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