About Us

Vision: We Maximise Nature’s Potential

Mission: To deliver long term, sustainable and profitable growth for all our stakeholders and partners by providing the best seed technology solutions for their needs

Customer Intimacy

Understand customer and market needs

Develop multi-layer relationships

Innovation of Market Leading Solutions

Transform market and customer needs into winning products

Maximise Capacity Utilisation

Ensure our people and machines are fully utilised

Expand our technology into other crops

Focus Through Effective Governance

Keep a clear view on what we need to deliver

Ensure we work on the right things

Deliver in a timely and cost-effective manner

Build Capability & Collaboration

Be an employer of choice

Share across our business

Improve skills, processes and knowledge

shutterstock_259898183At a time when pressure on land, water and resources is greater than at any time in human history, Germains exists to help our customers maximise the productivity and cost-effectiveness of their crops.

Founded in 1871, Germains Seed Technology develops innovative industry-leading conventional and organic seed solutions, specializing in Prime, Pellet, Filmcoat and Health. Working in collaboration with our experienced R&D and Commercial team, you’ll discover our ability to focus squarely on your needs, provide better outcomes, so you can maximise nature’s potential.

We offer a range of industry-leading seed technologies for sugar beet, vegetables and flowers. Germains is also open to discussions about development opportunities to fulfill our customers’ bespoke requirements.

Please explore our website to find out more, or you can contact us here.