Xbeet enrich 200

Accelerating growth from seed to maturity

We are proud to offer our new and improved product in the Xbeet® enrich series. Using cutting-edge seed technology, Xbeet® enrich200 promotes early plant growth and crop development. Independent verified testing* shows that Xbeet® enrich200outperforms its market-leading predecessor Xbeet® enrich100.

What is Xbeet® enrich200?

Xbeet® enrich200 helps young plants reach the critical 12-leaf stage as quickly as possible. This ensures sugar beets have the natural defences needed to cope with later stressors, such as suboptimal environments and unpredictable weather conditions.

How is it different from Xbeet® enrich100?

Xbeet® enrich200 includes all the effective ingredients of Xbeet® enrich100, with the added benefit of an innovative plant-derived biostimulant. In combination with the elicitor, this boosts early plant growth, helping crops deal with pressures of pest, diseases and competitive weed situations.

What is biostimulant?

Biostimulants are defined as “materials, other than fertilisers, that promote plant growth when applied in small quantities”. Using a biostimulant has been proven to boost early growth, helping plants during the most vulnerable stage of development.

Key Benefits

Uses biostimulants for improved early crop growthUses biostimulants for improved early crop growth

Increases the promotion of plant emergenceIncreases the promotion of plant emergence

Further enhances evenness of canopy coverFurther enhances uniformity of canopy cover

Helps deliver more consistent, higher-yielding cropsHelps deliver more consistent, higher-yielding crops

Trialled and tested for UK climateTrialled and tested for UK climate

Independently verified results<Independently verified results

Xbeet® enrich200 trial results

Plant weight (controlled environment test)

Xbeet® enrich200 has shown an increase in plant weight, demonstrating the impact of biostimulant in boosting early plant growth (graph 3). This has direct influence on the final sugar yields and profits.

Plant weight

Small plot trials

Small plot trials have shown an average yield benefit of 1.4% over Xbeet® enrich100 during 3 years of trials.

This yield increase results in an additional yield of 1.1 tonnes per hectare.

Small plot trials have shown an significant yield benefit of 1.4% fromXbeet® enrich200 vs Xbeet® enrich100 during 3 years of trials.

Strip trials

Strip trial data from 2018 highlighted an average of 2.5% increase in yield (graph 4) across three trial sites.

This yield increase resulted in 1.9 additional tonnes per hectare.

Commercial scale strip trials in 2018 & 2019 have given an average of 2.5% increase in yield across three trial sites in the UK.Xbeet® enrich200 yield benefit over Xbeet® enrich100.

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