Organic Seed Health



Organic Seed Health

In today’s seed industry, seed health is a two-fold responsibility, requiring both delivery of clean seed to the grower and compliance with phytosanitary regulations. Yield is a key factor when developing seed technologies; however, without clean and healthy seed, potential overall yield and harvest quality are at stake. Seed-borne diseases are a serious issue that costs the seed industry a significant amount of revenue each year. In response to today’s challenges, Germains offers a variety of organic seed health technologies that support organic growers.

Organic seed  health technology provides a range of benefits that maximise your crop’s potential and are compliant with phytosanitary requirements.

Organic seed health technologies offer many benefits, including:

  • Biological control treatments give the crop protection from soil-borne root rot/fungi
  • May reduce the requirements to spray chemicals in the field
  • Maintain organic certification using Germains health technologies
  • Achieve phytosanitary compliance for export
  • Reduce seed borne pathogens
  • May help reduce the spread of seed-borne pathogens to other crops and into the field

At this time we are in the trialing seed health technologies in the EU but they are currently on the market in the United States, click here for more information.

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