Xbeet enrich 300 – The Key to Successful Harvests

With the growing frequency of extreme weather, farmers face increasingly problematic conditions for sugar beet and other crops. Wetter winters have played havoc with schedules; with waterlogged fields either delaying drilling; or, leading to sparse germination and poor crop establishment, for those who have been able to sow.

Tom Bell, sowing sugar beet
Tom Bell, drilling Xbeet enrich 300 sugar beet.

For sugar beet farmers, all this means that achieving the recommended 100,000 plants/ha can be extremely challenging; hindered further by restricted seed rates due to the use of neonicotinoid treatments, and the risk of diseases that threaten the establishment of crops. Enter Xbeet enrich 300, our latest seed technology that will encourage accelerated and more uniform germination of sugar beet seed. With its unique mix of ingredients, Xbeet enrich 300 stimulates rapid early growth, helping to produce robust, resilient plants that will adapt and grow on strongly, despite the early-stage challenges of the growing season.

Stronger plants for better yields – Xbeet enrich 300

Our Lead Scientist at Germains, Jordan Long, explains why farmers should choose Xbeet enrich 300. “Designed specifically for UK conditions, Xbeet enrich 300 is proven to increase the speed of crop establishment, as well as plant population and yields, in comparison with Xbeet enrich 200, and competitor products.

Young sugar beet
Young sugar beet plants ©Tim Scrivener Photographer

“With an optimised primer that kickstarts germination, a tailored nutrient package designed to promote plant growth and root development, as well as biostimulants to support nutrient uptake and boost plant growth; the product’s unique blend equips crops with the resources they require from the start, fostering robust and resilient growth,” Jordon explains.

Trials provide reassurance for farmers.

Norfolk farmer, Tom Bell, who farms 500ha near King’s Lynn, has used Xbeet enrich on both his varieties of sugar beet this year. “We’re growing Daphna for its BCN resistance, and for one field that’s coming into sugar beet production for the first time, BTS 1915,” he says. “Establishment is very important and is crucial for getting the optimum number of plants, which is under pressure anyway, due to the restrictions on seed rate associated with the use of neonics.” Historically, Tom has used Xbeet enrich 200 and says it has performed well. His desire to move to the latest formulation is based on the science behind the product.

Tom Bell
Tim Bell UK Farmer, Norfolk United Kingdom

Trials conducted on Xbeet enrich 300 over the last four years, by accredited ORETO trial teams, have consistently shown the product’s advantages. Results demonstrate quicker canopy growth, leading to the attainment of the ‘mature plant resistance’ stage sooner, signifying the enhanced ability to withstand insect and disease pressure. The trials verify that the value of Xbeet enrich 300 to further boost early root growth and leaf health, is above that already offered by Xbeet enrich 100 and 200.

In addition to these trials, commercial growers across the UK have corroborated the performance and safety of Xbeet enrich 300 through field-scale evaluations. Tom explains the significance of trials in his decision-making processes. “When it comes to seed treatments, we’re looking at the trials,” he says. “With Xbeet enrich 300 there’s significant data behind it, and the results have been replicated in the field. If the yield increases are what they say they are, it is well worth the investment.”

Results speak for themselves.

With Xbeet enrich 300, the average UK grower can expect yield increases of 1.8% compared to the Xbeet enrich 200 treatment, which equates to over 1.3 tonnes per hectare for the average 75t/ha grower. In comparison to competitor products supplied by the breeders, the difference is over 3.2% based on 4 years of trials.  This means that the average grower can expect over 2.4t/ha additional yield, which equates to £96/ha additional revenue, at current beet prices of £40/tonne.

Providing crops with increased resilience to resist pests, diseases and the unpredictable conditions of spring,  Xbeet enrich 300 paves the way to successful crops and profitable harvests. With consistently evidenced results from trials and commercial practice, farmers can be confident that the initial investment in this superior seed technology, will be easily recouped by increased yields and revenue.