Seed Coating Polymers

Seed coating polymers are used in the filmcoating process. The filmcoating process consists of the application of a thin water-permeable polymer-based coating layer onto the seed, seed coating, or pellet. Germains offers a range of colours, coverage qualities, opacities and finishes such as matt, shine and sparkle.

Polyselect® seed coating polymers

The following table provides an overview of our 100, 300, and 500 polymer series. Each series has its own particular usage, properties, rate, and final appearance.

Our polyselect® brand seed coating polymer ranges include aqueous premixes of polymer-binder, opacifier, and dispersed pigment colour. A range of colours is available in each series, some also offering a neutral uncoloured version. Most are supplied in concentrated form, offering a variety of advantages, including:

  • Greater flexibility of dilution at point of use
  • Better shelf life as a result less settling out of components
  • Less water, resulting in reduced shipping cost and storage costs

Download series information: