Sugar beet coating

Celebrating 50 Years of Seed Coating Success in the UK

Germains seed coating success in the American market was noted by British Sugar and in 1960 the company was invited to take part in cooperative trials against European competitors to determine the most appropriate seed coating for the UK’ sugar beet crops. After three years trialling, the Germains Filcoat pellet was considered to be the […]

Gathering Harvest Data | Germains Seed Technology Field Trials

The Process of Developing New Seed Treatments for Sugarbeet

Developing new products and technology is vital for any business’ long term success.  For 145 years, Germains Seed Technology continues to lead the seed industry by placing emphasis on new product development and diversifying our product portfolio so that we may continue to support our customer’s needs.  With R&D facilities in the US and Europe, […]