Microplastic-Free Seed Coating Solutions

Introducing our new Microplastic-free Seed Coating Solutions that are comparable to our current flagship product polyselect® 500 shine polymers.

Trials with various colours and application rates have been conducted on diverse species, including maize, oilseed rape, sunflowers, spinach, onion, brassica and carrots.

Regulatory Compliant. Eco-friendly. Same Quality.

The foundation of this innovative product is a biodegradable, natural substance. Its water solubility ensures compliance with regulations but also our stringent internal benchmarks for performance and sustainability.

This formulation provides dust protection akin to its predecessor while boasting enhanced flowability during drilling with minimal impact on germination.

  • Precise, uniform agrochemical distribution
  • Efficient carrier for seed-applied crop protection
  • Robust binding agent, reduce dust
  • Enhance field visibility, product identification
  • Eco-friendly sustainable Microplastic-free formulation
  • Compliant with EU regulations

Navigating the Future of European Horticulture and Field Crops

New legislations are changing the face of European horticulture & field crops creating huge challenges for seed producers and growers.

The EU Commission and United Nations are focused on reducing the negative impacts of food production on the environment and have put in place several legal directives to drive change that will impact the seed supply chain and the growers we serve.

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Species availability:
Brassicas, Carrot, Maize, Oilseed rape, Onion, Spinach