Emergency Authorisation for Bulb Onion Force Seed Treatment by Germains UK

In a crucial development for the horticulture community, Horticulture Crop Protection (HCP) UK Limited has shared that an Emergency Authorization for the use of Force ST as a treatment of Bulb Onion seeds has been officially granted. This significant update came into effect starting December 1, 2023, offering a timely solution for growers facing specific crop challenges.

For comprehensive insights into this Emergency Authorisation, refer to the detailed report available on the official HCP Ltd website. Germains Seed Technology, as a trusted partner, stands ready to assist and provide further information during the entire authorisation period.

Emergency Authorization: Force Seed Treatment

Should you require additional details or support regarding the Force ST treatment for Bulb Onion seeds, please contact Germains Seed Technology. Our dedicated team is here to address your inquiries and ensure a seamless experience with this seed treatment. Click here to contact us.

About HCP: Horticulture Crop Protection (HCP) UK Limited, established by the UK horticultural industry, plays a pivotal role in overseeing plant protection product minor use applications (EAMUs) and Emergency Authorization applications. To delve deeper into HCP’s mission and initiatives, explore more about this crucial organization.

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