Why work with Germains?

Research and Development

The Germains Research and Development Team collaborates with our customers to develop innovative, value-added products that are solutions to real problems encountered by both growers and seed production companies. We specialise in customised solutions and services that are unique to each customer.

Germains has four research and development facilities in the U.S. and Europe, where we perform ongoing research and development in all areas of our core brands, including Seed Priming, Pelleting, Filmcoating, Health and Polymers, as well as other products and processes. The R&D team conducts internal laboratory, greenhouse analysis, and field trials. Our products deliver measurable results that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations.

Quality Control

Germains Seed Technology ensures the highest quality and consistency in seed enhancement products and services through strict quality control processes, including:

  • Incoming seed sampling and quality examination
  • Suitability testing for priming
  • Consistent production standards
  • Multi-stage quality control throughout production process
  • Standard germination testing by a certified independent testing laboratory

Additionally available laboratory services include tests for specific purity, stress and vigour.

Quality Assurance

We further ensure the consistency in our seed enhancement products and services by:

  • Detailed documentation of our internal processes in standard operating procedures
  • Review of non-conformance to product specifications and root-cause analysis
  • Quantitative monitoring of our production processes and improvements via Six Sigma methodologies
  • Germains is accredited to the ESTA quality standard in the UK and the Netherlands.
ESTA Certified Seed Laboratory | Kings Lynn UK