Minimise stress, maximise performance.

The early stages of any living organism are vital to future growth and development Germains has developed a technology that focuses on early plant nutrition, even before the plant emerges, ensuring its success in variable growing conditions. Spinach goseed ® maximizes the potential nutrient uptake of the seedling, offering many benefits to both the plant and the grower.

Developed with zero chemical pesticides, Spinach goseed ® is a nutrient-rich coating technology, Microplastic free, combined with bio-stimulants, formulated for use on spinach to help plants better cope with abiotic stress. (1)

Key benefits

Spinach goseed Promotes plant emergencePromotes plant emergence & root development

Spinach goseed enhances plant health to minimise impact of ambiotic strength Enhances plant vigor to minimise impact of abiotic stress

Spinach goseed contains bio-stimulants + micronutrients for improved early crop growthContains micronutrients for improved early crop growth

Spinach goseed maximises crop performance to increase yieldMaximises crop performance to increase yield

Spinach goseed ® field trial summary

Supporting the seed through germination, emergence and its first few days of growth is vital in establishing a healthy plant stand. Achieving a good plant stand reduces seed investment loss for growers and is critical for maximising Spinach crop yield. Trials were conducted to look at the performance of Germains Spinach goseed ® against un-treated Spinach seeds.

Thirteen different seed varieties were used, at six trial locations in Europe, with a total of 36 trials throughout the growing season. Some of these trials were subject to either cold & moisture stress conditions or extreme heat stress conditions. Overall results prove that Spinach goseed works best when environmental challenges are at their worst.

In conditions of moisture stress, Spinach goseed ® has shown to improve emergence and plant stand by ca.30% and 21% improvement in final yields.

In conditions of high heat stress, spinach goseed ® has shown to improve emergence and plant stand by 28% and 34% improvement in final yields.

Trials show that using Spinach goseed ® can significantly reduce crop losses from abiotic stress caused by excess of moisture or by heat during the early plant growth stage.Trials also show that this directly impacts final crop yields.

Our goal

Germains aims to deliver innovative seed enhancement technologies that help maximise nature’s potential. This goal has never been more important. Today Spinach growers are challenged with producing more from less, achieving even greater yields, with fewer chemicals, in ever more challenging growing conditions. The EU directive deadline to reduce the use of more hazardous pesticides by 50% by 2030 seems a long way off, but the change must start today.  We need to embrace the next generation of seed technology by combining carefully selected nutrients with bio-stimulants and other micro-ingredients to deliver more natural support to plants.

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(1) Abiotic stresses, such as low or high temperature, deficient or excessive water, high salinity, and ultraviolet radiation, are hostile to plant growth and development

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