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Germains has an extensive range of seed technologies to support our customers’ requirements. However, there may be times when you would like to explore new opportunities, or seek a customised seed technology solution specific to your needs or challenges you are experiencing. Germains seed polymers offer our customers a flexible approach in developing bespoke seed technology solutions that satisfy your specific requirements.

Below you can find out more about our seed polymer colour range, polyselect®.  Germains’ polyselect® seed polymer brand offers a wide range of colors that allows you the ability to treat your seed in-house. However, if you would like to discuss other opportunities, please click here.

Germains’ polyselect® seed polymers provide high-quality and high-performance seed technology solutions that maximise the seed’s natural potential and result in the growth of a successful crop.

Key Benefits of polyselect® Seed Polymers:

  • Precise and even distribution of agrochemical treatments
  • Carrier of seed-applied plant protection products
  • Strong binding agent
  • Reduction in dust exposure
  • High visibility in the field
  • Product identification
  • Increased shelf life

seed polymers

Polyselect® has a number of series that each offer unique properties depending on the customer’s requirements. Please contact your local Germains representative, who can offer advice on the most appropriate polymer for your needs.

Polyselect® Seed Polymers

Seed coating polymers are used in the filmcoating process. The filmcoating process consists of the application of a thin water-permeable polymer-based coating layer onto the seed, seed coating, or pellet. Germains offers a range of colours, coverage qualities, opacities, and finishes such as matt, shine and sparkle.

Our polyselect® brand seed coating polymer ranges include aqueous premixes of polymer-binder, opacifier, and dispersed pigment colour. A range of colours is available in each series, some also offering a neutral uncoloured version. Most are supplied in concentrated form, offering a variety of advantages, including:

  • Better shelf life as a result less settling out of components
  • Greater flexibility of dilution at point of use
  • Less water, resulting in reduced shipping cost and storage costs

There is a polyselect® polymer coating for most applications. Germains polyselect® polymers have been tested and used in different types of coating equipment to ensure its compatibility.

The amount of materials required depends on a number of factors including:

  • Type of seed-treatment equipment
  • Species, colour, size and surface texture of the seed
  • Cosmetic quality required
  • Loading of active and inert solids required

Finishing Powders, Coating and Pelleting Blends

Finishing Powders

Finishing powders are used to absorb any excess liquid adhering to the surface of the seed after treatment. This allows seed to singulate and flow freely after treatment, in the absence of a post-treatment drying stage. If too little powder is applied to the seed, the seeds will stick together. If too much powder is applied, there may be excess dust, which could cause a handling problem and exceed local dust emission regulation. Prior trials will help to determine the correct balance.

Application rate is dependent on a variety of factors:

  • The type, size and absorptive capacity of the seed
  • Total seed surface area to be covered
  • The amount of liquid applied in the mix
  • The cosmetic effect desired

Please contact us today for finishing powder application rates.

Seed Coating Technology

Seed coatings can fulfil a range of purposes, including:

  • Adding weight and gravity to very light or fluffy seeds, such as grasses
  • Increasing the size of very small and fine seeds, such as some flower seeds and tobacco seed, and increasing the size of undersized seed.
  • For specific scale or planting requirements, such as sunflower and corn maize
  • Improving the size and shapes of uneven or elongated seeds, such as sugar beet, lettuce, and carrot, for greater precision of planting
  • Applying seed treatments to protect the seed and seedling from pest and diseases in a safe and accurate manner for the applicator and user

Germains Seed Coating Technology Systems comprise a package of technologies, materials, skills, know-how, quality control, and technical support that is required to carry out successful seed treatment, coating, and pelleting operations.

Build-Up and Pelleting Blends

Blended powders are specifically tailored to provide build-up, encrustment and pellets, which are working in harmony with the biological and mechanical requirements of the seed.

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