Germains UK Sugar Beet Seed Technical Update

2018-19 Season Technical Update

Germains always ensures that the best quality of sugar beet seed is delivered to UK growers and we perform several quality tests to guarantee that the seed is of the highest standard.

As a natural product, the shape of incoming raw seed will show variation in both its size and shape. Our pelleting process works with the shape of the natural seed to produce a larger and rounder pellet size. Therefore, it is normal to see a degree of variation in the pellet’s size and shape due to the natural protrusions of the raw seed’s cortex.

Technical Update

Analysis of the 2018-19 quality data highlights that all seed lots treated by Germains are within the agreed raw seed grading specification of 2.00mm – 4.00mm and final product size of 3.50mm – 4.75mm.

Similarly, the drill test data collected for all 2018-19 seed lots demonstrates that the level of doubles, misses and breakage are in line with our defined parameters, as highlighted in the table below.

This test is run using a Kvenerland Monopil and Monosem drill unit on a 5.5mm cell wheel hole size to best replicate commercial drilling practice.

2018-19 Finished Product Colours

This season’s finished product colours for Xbeet® plus and Xbeet® enrich 100 will depend on the treatment or specific use of the seed, as indicated in the table below.

Technical Update

It is also important to note that the Enrich pellets have a matt finish as opposed to a gloss finish on the plus pellet.

The nature of the Xbeet® enrich 100 is a lighter weight pellet, which allows for improved regulation of oxygen and water uptake, leading to faster germination and ultimately greater yield potential. Our latest small results demonstrate that Xbeet® enrich 100 achieved an average yield increase of 1.5% in comparison to Xbeet® plus. Click here to explore more about the benefits of Xbeet® enrich 100.

Technical Update

Germains is committed to adhering to the highest quality standards throughout our processes. We are proud that all our grading and drill test results reflect this standard and provide growers with the best quality seed.

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