For many decades Germains has been pelleting and upgrading flower seeds of species such as Ageratum, Alyssum, Antirrhinum, Artemisia Annua, Aster, Begonia, Bellis, Cactus, Campanula, Capsicum, Carthamus, Flowers, Gentian, Gypsophila, Helianthus, Hypericum, Linaria, Lobelia, Mimulus, Nemesia, Nicotiana, Nierembergia, Pansy, Pentas, Petunia, Streptocarpus, Tanacetum and Zinnia.

As you know, this is a highly specialized market which requires a great deal of care and attention. Jolanda Davidse-van Weverwijk , who is our dedicated Key Account Manager for the flower seed industry has got more than a decade of experience. Below is the seed treatment we currently have available for flower species.  Should you need a different seed treatment other than a seed pellet, please contact Jolanda directly via email or via mobile +31 651560504. She will be pleased to answer any inquires that you may have.