How We Work

Our vision is to maximise nature’s potential with the seeds we treat, the people we employ, and with our customers and growers who benefit from our value-adding seed technologies. Germains aims to lead the sugar beet and horticulture industries with a range of innovative seed technologies. Our Customer Charter is an essential part of our commitment to this goal. It comprises five key attributes that set out the capabilities, values, and approach that enable us to deliver world-class support to our customers.


We continuously improve our products and services, processes, and platforms by developing proprietary solutions, embracing new ways to solve challenges, and improving our value to our customers. We encourage innovation balanced accordingly with responsible practices to avoid high-risk situations while returning high value.


We build collaborative customer relationships where all stakeholders invest vital resources to foster better win-win solutions and mutually profitable outcomes while protecting our intellectual properties. We demonstrate the highest level of sincerity and transparency with our customers and partners.


We communicate openly with each other while always respecting and understanding opposing viewpoints to challenge ourselves and ultimately pursue enlightened knowledge and improved performance.


We live by the rules and hold ourselves accountable to deliver on our promises. We achieve operational excellence by striving to get it right the first time with no excuses.


We invest in top talent with a long-term vision to deliver valuable, sustainable results-driven solutions for continued success. We earn our customers’ trust by validating our performance claims while doing what we know to be ethically right—not just what is allowed.