Seed Treatments for Hemp

As the industrial hemp industry continues to develop, Germains Seed Technology is collaborating with seed producers and growers in the development of innovative, value-added seed treatments for hemp. Germains strives to “Maximize Nature’s Potential” with seed treatments for several crops that enhance proper stand establishment that improves crop growth and profitability.

seed pellets for hemp
Seed pellets for hemp to meet your planter specifications

In the most recent Farm Bill, government regulations now allow producers to cultivate industrial hemp. Hemp is used for making a variety of commercial and industrial products such as rope, food, textiles, insulation, bioplastics, and more. Since 2019, there is a surge in the number of growers in the United States who are focusing on producing industrial hemp for CBD oil. This oil has become popular for its many potential therapeutic benefits, such as relieving anxiety and reducing chronic pain. The potential for increased revenue is significantly higher than most traditional cash crops.

Seed Treatments for Hemp
Optimize your crops potential with seed treatments

As with any new crop the first year, growers learn a lot about management and production techniques, whether good or bad. Unlike other crops such as vegetables, growers realize that the industrial hemp industry does not have a well-defined seed quality standards or distribution network. Some growers experience poor stands because of poor quality seeds. While others are having issues with planting and spacing the small seed correctly, some of the issues growers are experiencing may be resolved with seed treatment solutions such as grading, priming, and pelleting.

Seed treatments for Hemp

Seed Treatments for Hemp
Color and size options to meet your cultivation needs

In response to the growing demand for seed treatments for hemp, Germains Seed Technology’s Fargo location is now offering hemp pelleting for the 2020 spring season. The pellet is a proprietary coating that builds on the seed to make it larger, rounder, and significantly improves plantability and spacing. Also, our R&D team in Gilroy is researching new seed treatments for hemp that includes testing of various pellet materials, seed priming, and Pythium control to help improve hemp stand establishment.

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Operating for nearly 150 years, Germains Seed Technology is well renowned for our expertise in seed coating and enhancement technologies. Germains offers a range of industry-leading technologies for both conventional and organic crops, including sugarbeet, vegetables, and flowers. Our extensive research and testing, we are confident that the seed treatments we develop for hemp are essential for supporting the growth of this industry. Click Here for more information about our seed treatments.