Germains Presents at Crops & Chemicals USA Conference

The Crops & Chemicals USA Conference will be addressing challenges and providing solutions for supporting a rapidly growing population. How will farmers and end users produce enough food to sustain the world population that may jump from 7.3 to 9.7 billion in 34 years?

Crops & Chemicals USA Conference Addresses Key Challenges

The purpose of the conference is to unite the agrochemical, biocontrol, plant health biotechnology industries together to address the following questions:

  1. How will farmers and end users be growing food in 2050?
  2. How to avoid formulation failures?
  3. What seed treatment technologies are being developed?
  4. What does it take to survive in the biopesticide market?
  5. How are biostimulants regulated at the state level?
  6. What traits are being developed within plant biotech?

Approximately 230 industry experts gathered to learn about the latest innovations in plant protection and nutrition to develop new yield-enhancing products that may combat the demands of a growing world population.

Crops & Chemicals USA Conference

Germains Presents at 2016 Crops & Chemicals USA Conference

As one of the leaders of seed technology, Germains was honored to be invited to participate as a presenter at this year’s event.  Our Head of Operations and Research, Dale Krolikowski presented a thirty-minute session that addressed:

  • Current seed technologies that are in use
  • Focused product development to meet a need
  • Seed technology for small seeded vegetables

Creating and Connect Communities, Informa PLC

The event host Informa Life Sciences is a part of the Knowledge and Networking Division of Informa PLC.  The purpose of Informa’s Knowledge & Networking Division is to create and connect communities based on the sharing of insights and learning to help professionals build their knowledge.  For five years, the Crops & Chemical USA Conference continues to gain popularity amongst industry experts who are pioneering new solutions that will sustain the future of the world’s food supply.  Germains is honored to have the opportunity to share our expertise while gaining new knowledge that will help us to make further advancements in seed technology.