American Society of Sugarbeet Technologists ASSBT Meeting

The biennial meeting for American Society of Sugarbeet Technologists (ASSBT) occurred the week of February 27- March 2 in Greenville, South Carolina.  This week is a time for the Sugarbeet industry to come together and discuss research topics from Agronomy, Plant Genetics, and Factory processing.  Also, Germains Seed Technology representatives from both North America and Europe meet with Seed, Sugar, and Chemical Companies during the event.

The biennial meeting for American Society of Sugarbeet Technologists (ASSBT)

ASSBT Meeting 1948 Photo Courtesy of Sugarbeet Grower

American Society of Sugarbeet Technologists ASSBT – Meeting Overview

A general session covers topics that apply to all members who attend.  This year’s general sessions topics included; Implementing the Federal Ag Biotech Disclosure and Repainting Today’s Food Landscape.  After the general session, three sections run concurrently.  The Agronomy section covers topics from plant stands, fertilizer recommendations, and chemical applications.  The Physiology, Genetics, and Plant Pests section includes new genetic findings and diseases affecting plants.  The Processing section covers topics related to sugar processing.  Presenters have 20 minutes per presentation and attendees move to different sections depending on subjects of interest.

Idea Exchange – Determing Furture R&D Projects

In addition to these meetings, Germains Seed Technology personnel meet with Sugarbeet seed companies to discuss our R&D program and to align our vision with the needs of our customers.  Meetings also occur with Sugar companies so that we may ask for their input for future R&D projects and present them with trial data.   We also met with chemical suppliers to see what’s new coming for future applications.

American Society of Sugarbeet Technologists (ASSBT)

Germains Seed Technology Research & Development for Sugarbeet

Attending ASSBT meetings is very beneficial for Germains Seed Technology.  Over 15 meetings occurred in one place providing us the opportunity to maintain and build relationships with our customers and suppliers.  The information obtained from the meetings helps steer the course of Germains research & development projects for the next few years in R&D projects.   Germains designs our trials and product development around the needs of our customers. Trial results are gathered and shared with our customers throughout the trial process to ensure the product development is achieving the end results our customers’ desire.

Please visit our website for more information about Germains seed treatments for sugarbeet offered in North America.