Supporting Sustainable Agriculture | Linking Environment And Farming

Germains is proud to announce its corporate membership with the Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF) organisation. Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, LEAF is the leading organisation promoting sustainable agriculture, food and farming. LEAF aims to enrich the environment and educate local communities by working closely with farmers, the food industry and consumers on a global scale, integrated in its three core pillars.

Three Core Pillars of Linking Environment And Farming Farming And

Linking Environment And Farming

LEAF’s Three Core Pillars

LEAF is committed to improving public understanding of sustainable food and farming practice with the organisation of initiatives to build knowledge and opportunity.

“LEAF’s vision sees farmers flourishing in their roles as food producers and stewards of the countryside, with consumers enjoying nutritious food – confident that it has been produced in an environmentally and socially responsible way”

In the UK, LEAF supports this vision in its national network of LEAF Demonstration Farms, Innovation Centres and management of Open Farm Sunday events to connect farmers with the public.

LEAF Demonstration Farm

LEAF Demonstration Farm

Why Did Germains Join LEAF?

Germains is passionate about supporting the future of British farming and excited to support LEAF as an organisation that strives for sustainable food and agriculture development. This will provide an excellent opportunity for Germains to engage with industry partners and British farmers to share ideas and learn ways about how to promote environmentally friendly farming practice.


Open Farm Sunday 2017

Open Farm Sunday 2017

Tessa Seymour (Commercial Development Manager), responsible for the relationship with UK sugar beet growers and other stakeholders, says:


“Here at Germains we believe in supporting the future of farming in the UK which, in our opinion, needs businesses to support and promote sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practises.  By supporting LEAF we are able to further engage with industry partners and discover other ways in backing British farming. We are very excited about becoming a LEAF corporate member and looking forward to the future ahead!”

We look forward to working with LEAF in supporting their vision of a world that farms, eats and lives sustainably.

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