Plantum Delegates Visits Germains Enkhuizen R&D Facility

Onplantum-logo-2 Friday 23 September, approximately 50 members of the Plantum organisation visited Germains R&D facility in Enkhuizen, Netherlands.  Plantum is the Dutch trade association for the plant reproduction material sector. Plantum members are active in plant breeding, propagation, production and trade of seeds, bulbs, tubers, cuttings and young plants. Once a year all the members of Plantum convene for an annual meeting so they may receive updates about the industry and new technologies.

Plantum 2016 Delegate Tour

This year’s meeting was held near Hoorn, in the Dutch Seed Valley. In addition to the meetings, the event organisers seek interesting and inspiring locations to visit with the delegates.  European Head of Germains for R&D and Quality Assurance, Ab Aarnoudse was pleased to host the Plantum group for a behind the scenes tour of Germains state of the art R&D facility in Enkhuizen that was opened in 2012.

Plantum annual meeting

Plantum Delegate Tour 2016 | Germains Seed Technology Enkhuizen, Netherlands

At the R&D facility, Platnum’s Senior Policy Member Mrs Ir. Gea Bouman, gave a presentation and update about the latest developments in crop protection regulations.  Following, Ab Aarnoudse presented an overview of Germains 145 year company history and details about  Germains current business operations.

Delegates Briefed on Seed Technologies

Thereafter, the delegates toured the main research areas of the facility, which included an overview of the seed technology categories that maximise nature’s potential; priming, pelleting, film coating,health, and polymers

Plantum Annual Meeting

European Head of Germains for R&D and Quality Assurance, Ab Aarnoudse Introduces Visitors to Germains Seed Technologies

Within each category there were several seed technologies to discuss for both conventional and organic cultivation practices. Intrigued with the subject matter, the group engaged with ample questions that extended the length of tour. Without complaint, the delegates appreciated the additional time spent with our research team.

About Germains Seed Technology

Germains is one of the largest independent seed treatment companies in the world, with some 200 employees who are passionate about seed and the seed industry, we are proud to be a member this organization.  For more information please visit us at