European Seed Association Annual Meeting | Celebrating Our Success

This year’s European Seed Association (ESA) annual meeting, in Rome, was the most successful ever! More than 1000 seed industry representatives from across the globe came together for the three day event. The purpose of this event was to collaborate and share ideas on how breeding and seed technologies can be developed to meet the future demands for agriculture crops.

European Seed Association Annual Meeting Focus – Preserving and Untilizing Genetic Resources

The event hosted talks on preserving and utilizing genetic resources to further improve varieties necessary for sustaining the world’s growing human population. This was an excellent opportunity for Germains to showcase its technologies that improve crop performance and aid the advancement of precision agriculture techniques.

Germains Showcases Seed Technologies at Event

Germains’ representatives from the UK, Netherlands and Spain occupied booth six at this year’s event. The primary objective was to promote our new bespoke solutions, Polyselect™ polymer range. This seed technology consists of a thin water permeable polymer based coating layer that can be applied to the seed or pellet. Polymers add a film coat layer that minimalizes dust, accurately distributes agrochemical treatments, provide clear product identification via colour tinting and improve market appeal.

European Seed Association Annual Meeting

European Business Development Manager, Christophe Clement

To demonstrate the benefits of the Polyselect™ polymer range a visual display was used to show a variety of the colours and finishes available with the new technology.  This interactive display included, polymer coating liquids along with a range of giveaways that helped trigger interest and conversations with our visitors.

European Seed Association Annual Meeting

Polyselect™ polymer range featured at European Seed Association Annual Meeting

Representatives of the Commercial and the R&D team were able to provide information about the superior seed coating that we offer for a number of vegetable and field crops.

In conclusion the European Seed Association Annual Meeting continues to be an excellent venue for Germains to distribute information about our extensive portfolio of seed technologies to make new connections for future business opportunities, and to interact with our existing customers at a world class event.