Seed meets Technology | World class B2B networking event

Seed meets Technology is an annual event which enables seed professionals and vegetable growers from across the globe to display their newest seed technologies and varieties. This year Germains displayed their products like they never have before! The event was located in the Dutch Seed Valley, Enkhuizen, where fields full of vegetables can be seen all around. With the sun shining down there seemed no better way for Germains to celebrate their 145th year in the industry.

Seed meets Technology

Germains Exhbitis at Seed meets Technology 2016

Seed meets Technology Exhibition

The purpose of the event is to help seed companies display their most innovative and market leading offerings. In previous years Germains have opened the doors of their Research and Development centre in Enkhuizen for attendees to explore.This year Germains had a large booth in the main arena of Zwaagdijk trial centre, which contained information on the core technologies; Priming, Pelleting, Film coating and Health. Germains had a number of offerings and giveaways on display at the event to promote conversation with existing and potential customers.

Seed meets Technology Polymer Display

Seed meets Technology Informational Display | Germains Seed Technology

To demonstrate the benefits of Germains priming technology a visual display showing a variety of germination tests on species such as lettuce and peppers was visible for all visitors. The new Germains Polymer range (polyselect™) was also displayed with a range of samples that visitors found both intriguing and informative. Seed Coating Polymers are used in the filmcoating process. The polyselect™  range consists of a thin water permeable polymer based coating layer applied to the seed or pellet. These are available in a range of colours, coverage qualities and finishes.

Main Uses of Filmcoating:

  • Minimisation of dust from coatings
  • Precise and accurate distribution of agrochemical treatments
  • Product Identification
  • Seed applied crop protection
  • Increased market appeal adding value to the seed
  • Ability to check seed placement
  • Binders and glues to hold powder coatings

Our polyselect™ brand seed coating polymer ranges include aqueous premixes of polymer-binder, opacifier and dispersed pigment colour.

Germains had representation of employees from across Europe and across expert disciplines which meant conversations could be carried out in Dutch, English, Polish, French and Spanish. This allowed the passionate team to connect with new and existing customers, suppliers and even competitors.

Seed meets Technology

Sharing our Knowledge with the Seed Industry | B2B Marketing

Seed meets Technology Field Trials

By attending such events Germains are able to show their commitment to the industry and continue to be one of the leading companies in Seed Technology. The Germains team also had the opportunity to visit some of the field trials being held in the local area and collaborate with companies such as Sakata, Syngenta, Monsanto, Hazera and Bejo.

Seed meets Technology | Field Trials

Seed meets Technology | Field Trials

These trials displayed a range of produce in the field allowing visitors to see and taste the difference in varieties. These visits also allowed the Germains team to build stronger collaborative relationships with their contacts at these other companies.

Overall the event has aided Germains in connecting with new customers and exploring future opportunities. By reconnecting with their current customers and suppliers this event helped Germains build stronger relationships for the future.