Visit Us at the 2017 PNVA Conference

The annual PNVA Conference is fast approaching and will be held November 15th & 16th at the Three Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick, Washington.  For over 30 years the Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association has been hosting this annual event.  Also, Germains is looking forward to hosting our second tradeshow exhibit at booth #48. This year the exhibit will include samples of our seed coating products, literature about our seed treatments, our knowledgeable sales staff to answer any questions you may have, and fun giveaway items.

PNVA Conference

PNVA Conference Schedule & Agenda

The agenda this year’s PNVA Conference includes informational sessions for onions, vegetables, organics and pest management.  Each session will consist of presentations about but not limited to; Economic Issues and Break Even Points, the Effects of Climate Change on Pacific Northwest Agriculture, Organic Trends Updates, and New Crop Possibilities for the Columbia Basin.

USDA representative, Dr. Lydon Porter Research Plant Pathologist will be presenting Seed Treatments for Management of Plant Pathogens that will include an overview of Germains most recent trial targeting Pythium control for organic pea production. Pythium is one of the number one challenges for both conventional and organic pea producers in the Pacific Northwest.  As a leader in the industry, our objective is to develop innovative, value-added products to our portfolio that are solutions to real problems encountered by both growers and seed production companies.

PNVA conference

USDA ARS Pea Trial Site, Prosser, Washington

Attending the PNVA Conference and other grower events such as the Organic Grower’s Summit gives us the opportunity to meet with growers and seed industry representatives.  Not only do we have the chance educate end users them about the products we offer but to gather information for future product development that may help growers achieve their production goals and or solve a problem they are encountering in the field.

About the Pacific Northwest Vegetable Growers Association

The Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association is dedicated to education, research, production, promotion, and representation relative to the Northwest vegetable industry and its markets. The PNVA’s ongoing commitments include:

  • Provide Structure for quality of educational programs serving the vegetable industry.
  • Initiate and support promotion and marketing programs.
  • Maintain input and backing for vegetable research.
  • Furnish leadership to protect industry interests, while supporting a broad base of membership services to provide membership value.

We appreciate PNVA’s contributions to the ag industry and look forward to attending another great event!  Click here for more information and or to register for the conference.