Germains Hosts Donation Drive for Center for Farmworker Families

As the world population continues to increase so does the need for social sustainability. As a subsidiary of AB Sugar network of businesses across the globe, Germains locations both in Europe and North America strive to be in alliance with AB Sugar’s Social Sustainability Values. This summer, Germains Gilroy location conducted its first donation drive for the Center for Farmworker Families Community Shed.

Center for Farmworker Families Community Shed Program

The shed improves family life by supplying clothing and needed household and food items to family members.  It also functions as a central location within the community for information transfer and local service updates and activities that enhance family and community life. The shed provides basic necessities for some of the poorest farm workers in the region. To perpetuate AB Sugar’s Social sustainability values, recently Germains employees took the time to clean out their home unwanted household items such as toiletries, soaps, cleaning detergents, clothing, and children’s items.

Center for Farmworker Families

Donation Collection Station | Germains Seed Technology Gilroy

All of the household donations were gathered and consolidated with similar items donated by industry partners Enza Zaden and Seminis.  Also, friends and family of employees contributed their donations to the cause. Collectively, we gathered a truckload of donation items and delivered them to the Center for Farmworker Families Community Shed. Program Director, Dr. Ann Lopez, shared that it was “ the largest in-kind donation that they have received serving anywhere between 400 to 1200 farmworkers who reside in the region.”  Dr. Lopez invited donors back for the open shed on July 8th, 2018 to witness the number of people who gather to collect the donations.

Center Farmworker Families

Hundred Line Up for Donation Drive Allocation

Upon arrival, we were amazed to see hundreds of people lined up in the hot sun hours in advance of the shed’s opening. Tickets were issued to each family which they waited patiently for their number to be called so that they could sort through the donation items to gather what they need. In addition to clothing, recipients gathered basic necessities such as toilet paper, dish soap, detergent, formula, and food staples such as beans.  It was evident that the donation items collected by Germains were a bonus to the household staples usually provided by Dr. Ann Lopez which are purchased with monetary donations contributed by various community resources including Germains Seed Technology.

We applaud the Center for Farmworker Families for their dedication to helping farmworkers who not only support the agriculture industry but more importantly the hands that harvest the food we all eat.  For more information about the Center for Farmworker Families, please click here to visit their website.