Preview the California Seed Association’s New Career Video!

Since 1940, the California Seed Association (CSA) continues to initiate action for the betterment of the California seed industry.  The association’s members consist of firms and institutions who believe the best way to achieve common goals and respond to problems that affect the seed industry is through cooperative efforts and group action.

California Seed Association Expands Outreach to Potential Industry Members

Currently, the CSA Industry Communication and Youth Activities Committee is collaborating with agricultural and horticultural youth organizations to educate college students about the diverse careers opportunities within the California seed industry. The committee is expanding its audience reach through college and high school faculty & advisors as well as through social media channels such as YouTube and Facebook.

California Seed Association

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California Seed Association Launches New Video Campaign

The Committee recently published its inaugural outreach video “A Day in the Life of the California Seed Industry.” The video follows a college student’s experience shadowing an industry member  in their day-to-day role within the California seed industry.  The video is an excellent method for potential job candidates and future college graduates to gather information and to get a glimpse of this complex industry directly from experts in the field.

As an active member of the association, we applaud their efforts to address the need to attract qualified job candidates to consider careers within California’s seed industry.  The industry offers a broad range of career opportunities that range from research science, plant breeding, sales, marketing, and field production.

Current Career Opportunities at Germains Seed Technology

Currently, our Gilroy location is hiring for an R&D Technician. The position is responsible for conducting experiments in aspects of seed physiology, health, treatment, priming and pelleting to improve field performance in conventional and organic seed products. The position is an excellent opportunity for anyone with a biology degree related to seed science background or equivalent experience. Seed technologies developed through our research and development department have a significant impact on how the vegetables we consume are produced not only in California but around the world which makes this an exciting and rewarding career. Click here for more information about our current career opportunities.