Open Farm Sunday | Building homes for Ladybirds

Germains are proud to be attending this year’s Open Farm Sunday on the 9th and 10th June at Park Farm, Thorney and Top Farm, Holbeach Hurn. These days are a great opportunity to teach both children and adults about our technologies and the importance of ladybirds to sugar beet crops.

More About Open Farm Sunday

This year Germains will be encouraging all attendees to try and build their own ladybird house by following our easy instructions. Encouraging the growth of ladybirds across the country is essential to help strengthen crops, as ladybirds can eat 50 or more aphids a day. Aphids are damaging to sugar beet crops in particular as they carry a virus and infect the crop as they feed.

Try building your own ladybird house today with these simple instructions and help strengthen sugar beet crops across the UK!
Open Farm Sunday

Download Instructions

Click here for more information about LEAF Open Farm Sundays and to find out which farms are open near you! We look forward to seeing you on the farm.