Organic Seed Treatments | Designed for Vegetables

As consumer demands for organic produce increases, Germains recognise the need to deliver industry-leading organic solutions to the seed world. Germains’ organic product line is certified by Skal Bio Controle in the Netherlands and Soil Association in the United Kingdom, reflecting our commitment to meet the ever changing demands of today’s agriculture industry.

Organic Seed Treatments for Vegetables

Organic Seed Priming:
The process of Organic Seed Priming involves regulating the seeds germination by managing the moisture content and temperature. Priming is especially valuable under sub-optimal growing conditions in the field, particularly in cold, wet and/or extreme heat conditions. Priming stacked with other Germains seed technologies maximise your crops potential from planting to harvest. Organic Seed Priming technologies offer many benefits including:

  • Faster seed of emergence
  • Improved uniformity
  • Earlier canopy development
  • Wider temperature range for germination
  • Increased final population
  • Optimized harvesting performance
  • High yields and product quality

Germains Organic Priming Products include; Organic Activa®, Organic Emergis® and Organic Tempo®.

Organic seed treatments

Quality testing of Germains organic seed treatments

Organic Seed Pelleting:
Available for a number of vegetable species, Germains’ organic pellets are offered in five options that are suitable for a variety of growing regions throughout Europe. With this the pellets are available in a variety of sizes and weights compatible with precision planters.

Germains development of organic seed pelleting for vegetables came from the experience of being the first to create a conventional pellet for sugar beet seed. Our pellets can be combined with priming to help maximise your seeds potential.

Organic Seed Pelleting technologies offer many benefits, including:

  • Produces bigger, rounder and smoother seed pellets
  • Allows for precision drilling
  • Is the ideal carrier for Organic Beneficial’s
  • Ensures uniform size of pelleted seed allows ability to handle even the finest seed

Germains Organic Pelleting Products on offer are; Organic Oxykote®, Organic OxyLight®, Organic OxyPil®, Organic Procoat® and Organic Propill Select®.

For an overview of the organic treatments available for specific species click here to view our Organic Species Chart.