Meet us there! European Seed Association Annual Meeting 2017!

We invite you to visit us at Booth 10 or schedule a meeting with  us at Trading Table 32 at the European Seed Association (ESA) Annual Meeting in Riga, Latvia, 8th to 10th October!

Products to be featured at European Seed Association Annual Meeting

Our Commercial Team Richard Nicholls, Hans Renia, Christophe Clement and Andrew Taylor will be there to provide you with information about our polymer product range, polyselect®.

Polyselect® polymers are a bespoke solution that is ideal for 3rd party application and suitable for a number of vegetable species and field crops including corn, sunflowers, barley, wheat and oil seed rape.

European Research & Development and Quality Assurance Manager, Ab Aarnoudse will be present at this year’s event to provide updates on our latest research and developments for seed disinfection, priming  and other seed treatments in our research pipeline.

European Seed Annual Meeting

Christophe Clement at ESA Annual Meeting 2016 |

Alongside this we will be there to showcase our full range of innovative value-added seed technology solutions and to provide you with information regarding:

• Industry leading innovative seed technology for vegetables, field crops, sugar beet and flowers
• Collaborative partnership opportunities and successes
• Business sustainability
• Global market insight with local service, knowledge and expertise

You may either schedule a one-on-one consultation meeting with a Germains’ representative or visit us at Booth 10 anytime during exhibit hours.

About the European Seed Association Annual Meeting

European Seed Association’s Annual Meeting in Riga is an excellent opportunity to meet with industry professionals and companies from all over the globe, showing their latest developments. Last year’s meeting attracted over 1000 visitors, which is the highest on record. This year’s meetings will also feature updates on crop issues faced worldwide as well as speakers to address some of the most important policy priorities that may have an impact on the seed sector in the future.

Click here For more information about how to register for the annual meeting. Alternatively to learn more about our products please visit We look forward to seeing you at this year’s event!