Germains Continues to Back British Farming

For over 50 years, Germains have been committed to maximising the potential of sugar beet seed with its innovative seed technologies to enhance UK growers’ yield. Recognising the multiple challenges facing UK growers, from environmental to an increased global market competition, Germains is passionate about backing British farming.

In addition to delivering more transparent business practices with the introduction of the factory tour initiative and strip trial programme, Germains have become a proud supporter of educating school children on the importance of food and farming in the local community. As part of this commitment, Germains have become proud supporters of Monach Farm.

Backing British Farming – About Monach Farm

Well, it all starts with goats & horses.

Monach Farm runs 75 acres with a small beef herd, sheep flock and a riding stable in Hilton, Cambridgeshire. The Farm has also had an officially registered ‘Monach Herd of dairy goats’ for over 40 years. These goats are bred for high yields, longevity and are winners in the show ring for beauty as well as nationally recognised for their milk production. The young stock bred is also in high demand with 70% going on breeding export. In the last 5 years, the Farm has exported animals all over the world, including to Latvia, Guadalupe, Barbados and Kenya.

A significant part of the production of these animals is the feeding of soaked sugar beet shreds, which provide an easily digestible, highly palatable source of fibre and energy, which the goats find very tasty.

Backing British Farming

Feeding the Monach Herd of Goats sugar beet shreds

Committed to Education

Alongside its successful farm, Monach Farm is also committed to educating young people. Callum Williams joined Monach Farm as a placement student, completing a Level 3 Agriculture course at Easton College. The Farm supported Callum’s learning:

“For people like me who have little to no agricultural knowledge or background, Monach Farm has allowed me to grow and thrive, developing confidence and knowledge on a broad range of subjects.”

Backing British Farming

Callum Williams, Monach Farm

Callum joined the team permanently after completing both his placement to support the running of the team and the ‘Monach Memories’ programme, aiming to educate the local community.

Having hosted farm visits for over 20 years, Monach Memories provides off-site “outreach” visits for various events, such as Kids Country, the Suffolk County Show and the BGS Autumn Conference. Emily Randall of Monach Farm noted from her previous experience attending educational events that “for many children, especially those from urban areas, getting up close to a real live animal that may bite or tread on them can be quite a daunting prospect”. Geraldine, a late-born kid, arrived to help out the Monach Team in educating children on milking.

Backing British Farming

Milking Geraldine the model goat

The model milking goat proved popular at the events throughout the year. Geraldine provided the children with an authentic and realistic experience of engaging with goat milking, Emily says that “for some children the refilling of her bucket and subsequent milking has been the highlight of their visit […] and is not as unpredictable as a live animal!”

Germains’ Support

Germains’ sponsorship has allowed Monach Farm to create exhibition materials to educate the children about goat breeds, goat showing and farm practice, improving the experience for the children.

“This invaluable support has meant that between April & July 2017 Monach Memories has been able to deliver: 18 outreach visits, 7 on-farm school visits and 4 on farm home school groups. That translates to a direct farming or animal related impact with approximately: 450 children at their own school, 200 children on farm and125 dementia patients” – Emily Randall, Monach Farm

Germains is proud to be supporting Monach Farm in its current and future engagement plans, providing education to schools and the local community.