Celebrating 50 Years of Seed Coating Success in the UK

Germains seed coating success in the American market was noted by British Sugar and in 1960 the company was invited to take part in cooperative trials against European competitors to determine the most appropriate seed coating for the UK’ sugar beet crops. After three years trialling, the Germains Filcoat pellet was considered to be the best product and was subsequently recommended by British Sugar as their pellet of choice. In 1966, Germains opened its first UK Sugar Beet pelleting facility in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, this year marks our 50th anniversary of production.

Supporting Generation of UK Sugar Beet Growers with Quality Seed Coatings

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Original Germains’ Pellet advert 1970| Germains (U.K) LTD ‘Round Up’ Newsletter

Today, Germains UK remains committed to maximising the potential of sugar beet seed. We take pride in delivering high quality seed technologies such as seed priming, pelleting and filmcoating that when combined enhances the seed breeders genetics. The following timeline high lights the development of products Germains has delivered to the support UK Sugar Beet Growers from 1966 to 2016.
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Seed Technologies for Sugar Beet, Vegetables and Flowers

Our in-depth knowledge of the sugar beet industry has allowed Germains to invest in and diversify our portfolio. Germains Seed Technology is committed to delivering industry-leading innovative seed coatings and technologies for sugar beet, vegetable and flower seed producers and growers in both the UK and around the world.

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