2019 BBRO Demonstration Days

Germains was proud to attend the 2019 BBRO Demonstration Days in Fotheringhay and Thelveton Estate, Diss on 2nd and 4th July.

We are passionate about the UK sugar beet industry and the 2019 BBRO days provide a fantastic opportunity for us to speak with UK growers and discuss the ways in which our products can help to maximise their yields.

2019 BBRO
Germains Representatives on the Commercial Stand

Celebrating our Latest Innovation

Our expert R&D team was on hand at the innovation plots to demonstrate the benefits of our new technology, Xbeet® enrich 100, and future product, Xbeet® enrich 200.

Both Xbeet® enrich 100 and enrich 200 products have achieved strong yield improvements in our latest strip trials, achieving 4.4% and 2% respectively. Germains’ trials are run independently with the BBRO and Armstrong Fisher and our yield results are independently calculated by NIAB. Download our Xbeet® enrich series here to learn more about our products and trials programmes.

A poster was on display across the two days, explaining the importance of our new Xbeet® enrich series in boosting in early plant growth to support establishment, leading to greater yield potential.

Also on display were some of our other technologies in development, as part of our commitment to continue to enhance the yield potential for UK sugar beet growers.

R&D at the Innovation Plots

We would like to thank all of the growers who came along to visit us across the two days. It is always great to see so much passion for the industry and its future.

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