50 years in Aalten

50 years celebration week

2019 is a special year for Germains, as we are celebrating 50 years of our facility in Aalten, the Netherlands. Click here to discover more about Germains’ heitage.

Almost 100 years after Germains was founded by Eugene Germains in Los Angeles, California, the Dutch site opened in 1969 to help with the increasing demand of Germains Products across Europe. On Tuesday 3rd September, the Mayor of Aalten was at Germains to open the celebration week. Anton Stapelbroek held a speech to all employees to talk about this great achievement.

50 years
Mayor of Aalten talking with Rachel Leach (European Business Director) and Victoria Lawrence (Managing Director) during breakfast

All employees of Germains Aalten had a breakfast together to celebrate the anniversary. The breakfast was a great way to start the week of celebrations.

50 years
Having Breakfast

Local schools at Germains

During the anniversary week, 3 schools visited the horticultural facility in Aalten: ‘t Warmelinck, Zone College and Schaersvoorde. The purpose of the visits was to educate the students about our business. This included a presentation from different departments at Germains a tour of our priming, pelleting and filmcoating facilities. At the end of the day teachers and students were very enthusiastic about our company and went home with a nice goodie bag.

50 years
Arnoud Wikkerink (Manager Customer Service) is giving a presentation to the kids from ‘t Warmelinck

Saturday 7th September

On Saturday 7th September, Germains Aalten was open for neighbours, family and friends. Many people know the building but don’t know what we exactly do. This was a great opportunity to show over 300 people what we do. At the end of the day, there were food trucks outside where everybody could have something to eat.

50 years
Germains Aalten employees celebrating

‘T Dorpshuus

After a great week, there was a party at our local community center to talk, laugh and dance with each other and reflect on a great week.

50 years
Lots of talking, laughing and dancing

Harapan Baru Lombok Foundation

Germains Seed Technology was supporting charity, Harapan Baru Lombok Foundation, and people could donate a gift to their wonderful Foundation to help people in Indonesia. The Harapan Baru Lombok Foundation is created to support deprived families, so they can create a better future for themselves and their children. Click here to find out more. This charity is close to Germains emoloyee, Nick Rensink, whom lived in Aalten for many years. Germains Seed Technology raised hundreds of euros for the Harapan Baru Foundation, which was a fantastic achievement and we hope will support many people in Lombok.

50 years
Harapan Baru Lombok Charity

We would like to thank all the volunteers and people who celebrate with us our 50-year anniversary who made this an unforgettable week. We are looking forward to the next 50 years in Aalten/IJzerlo.

50 years
Here’s to another 50 years in Aalten!