Seed Polymers | polyselect® 500 Shine Series

Germains 145 years of experience in the seed industry has enabled us to develop industry leading seed treatments that are a bespoke solution for customers who wish to treat their seed in house. The 500 Shine seed is one of the coatings available in the polyselect® 500 Series, alongside the Sparkle and Matt finishes. As a seed film-coating polymer the series is designed for seed colouring and the binding of treatment to seed.

The key benefits of using the polyselect® seed polymers are as follows:

• Precise and even distribution of agrochemical treatments
• Carrier of seed-applied plant protection products
• Strong binding agent
• Reduction in dust exposure to comply with ESTA regulations
• High visibility in the field
• Product identification
• Increased shelf life

Comparing 500 Shine Seed Polymers to Other Series

Compared to the 300 Matt Series, also offered by Germains, the 500 Shine Series has a higher opacity meaning it is perfect for coating seeds of a naturally dark colour. The bright colours used for the Shine series allows the seed to obtain a satin, smooth finish.  The range of colours available can be seen on both light and dark seed in our 500 Shine Series product portfolio.

Shine Seed Polymers Shine Seed Polymer

Red Shine 520C
Dark Red Shine 521C
Blue Shine 530C
Light Green Shine 540C
Dark Green Shine 541C
Yellow Shine 550C
Orange Shine 560C
Violet Shine 570C

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Much like the rest of the 500 series products the Shine series is not able to hold large amounts of treatment on to the seed. If this is required then Germains would recommend their 300 or 100 series as these have a greater binding capacity. If this is not suitable and you would like to explore new opportunities, Germains offers a flexible approach to supporting you in order to offer a bespoke solution to satisfy your requirements. All of Germains polyselect® seed polymers have been tested and applied with a variety of coating equipment to ensure they are compatible.

Packaging Options and How to Order

When placing an order, specific packaging can be selected according to customer preference. The table below displays the options available depending on the size of the order.

1.    Packaging options
Packing type  1000 Litre IBC  Open Top Drum  Small Open Top Drum
Name 1000 litter IBC Open Top Drum Open Top Drum
Contents 1000kg 220 litter/200kg 30 litter/25kg

For further advice on application rates, colours and prices please do not hesitate to get in touch with us so we may answer your questions. Alternatively  download our polyselect® booklet or visit our website for more details.