Seed Polymer Solutions | polyselect® 300 Series

The polyselect® 300 series is part of Germains’ seed coating polymers collection. Our range of seed polymer is designed to offer rapid and easy clean down between uses, therefore decreasing the impact on production.

This polymer is specifically designed for the binding of seed applied treatments such as pesticides and fungicides, requiring medium to high binding of solids. If a considerable amount of treatment is used on the seed, this is the series we would recommend.

The main properties of the polyselect® 300 series include:

• Low opacity
• High binding capacity
• Matt finish
• Concentrated formulation for ease of handling


polyselect® 300 series

Germains polyselect® range

The polyselect® 300 series is available in a range of colours, as well as an uncoloured neutral version.

Blue 339C
Green 349C
Red 329C
Yellow 359C
Violet 379C
Neutral 300C


Please note that this series is not designed for cosmetic finish, for this we would recommend a polymer from our polyselect® 500 series, with the Shine, Sparkle and Matt finishes available.

All of Germains polyselect® seed polymers have been tested and applied with a variety of coating equipment to ensure they are compatible. However by contacting a Germains’ representative, samples of any polymer can be sent if you require testing on your own equipment.

The key benefits of using the polyselect® seed coating polymers are as follows:

• Precise and even distribution of agrochemical treatments
• Carrier of seed-applied plan protection products
• Strong binding agent
• Reduction in dust exposure to coincide with ESTA regulation
• High visibility in the field
• Product identification
• Increased shelf life

Storage Recommendations

With proper storage conditions, our seed polymers are designed to remain stable in storage for a one year period from the labelled packing date.  Polymers should always be stored in original or suitable containers, which are sealed, away from direct sunlight, and in temperature ranges of minimum 5°C/41°F to a maximum of 35°C/95°F. Under no circumstances must the material be allowed to freeze. Always mix well before use.

For further advice on application rates, colours and prices please do not hesitate to get in touch with us so we may answer your questions. Alternatively click here for our polyselect® booklet.