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We are excited to share that Germains Seed Technology was invited by Channel World Seed by ISF to participate in an informative panel discussion on the latest advancements in sustainable seed solutions. During the International Seed Federation’s World Congress Conference, this event brought together our Managing Director, Victoria Lawrence, and representatives from our R&D team to engage in a televised discussion about Germains’ innovative approaches to combating crop losses caused by abiotic stress factors and forging strategic partnerships for a sustainable future.

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Insights from Germains Experts: Channel World Seed by ISF

Victoria Lawrence, Managing Director
Victoria Lawrence opened the discussion with a comprehensive overview of Germains’ commitment to sustainability. She emphasized the importance of integrating environmentally conscious practices into every stage of seed development. “Our mission at Germains is to Maximise Nature’s Potential by leading the industry towards a greener future, ensuring that our innovations not only enhance crop yields but also protect our planet for future generations,” said Lawrence.

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Dale Krolikowski, Head of Business Development and Research
Dale Krolikowski highlighted some of the groundbreaking research being conducted at Germains. He delved into specific technologies designed to mitigate the effects of abiotic stresses such as drought, salinity, and extreme temperatures. Krolikowski shared, “By leveraging advanced biotechnological tools, we are developing seed treatments that significantly improve crop resilience and performance under challenging environmental conditions.”

Paul van den Wijngaard, Head of Research & Development – Europe
Paul van den Wijngaard provided insights into the European market and its unique challenges. He discussed the collaborative efforts between Germains and various European agricultural bodies to promote sustainable practices. “Strategic partnerships are crucial,” noted van den Wijngaard. Together, we can drive innovation and implement solutions that benefit both growers and the environment.”

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Germains Seed Technology remains at the forefront of developing sustainable seed solutions that enhance agricultural productivity and prioritize environmental stewardship. Our participation in this panel underscores our dedication to innovation and collaboration in the quest for a more sustainable and resilient agricultural industry. Please visit our website for more detailed information and to stay updated on future events.