Celebrating our success | Seed meets Technology & ESA

This autumn, our European Commercial Team participated in two key events: Seed meets Technology and European Seed Associations (ESA) Annual Meeting.

Seed meets Technology

Germains booth at Seed meets Technology

Seed meets Technology, held in the buildings of the research centre Proeftuin Zwaagdijk, The Netherlands, and ESAs Annual Meeting, in Riga, Latvia are essential events for meeting new contacts and promoting Germains products.The purposes of these events are to help seed companies display their most innovative and market leading offerings to over 2000 visitors from across the globe.

Germains’ Commercial and R&D representatives from the UK, Netherlands and Spain occupied a booth at both events providing a strong focus on their Seed Coating Polymers.

Seed meets Technology Field Trials

Seed meets Technology also allowed breeders to host field trials and display their latest varieties and this year our employees from our production facility in Aalten were given their own personal tour! Visiting the fields of Hazera and Bejo provided a great opportunity to understand the species we are working with.

seed meets technology

Germains Aalten employees visiting the Field Trials of Hazera during SMT

What our Employees Said about Seed meets Technology

“Very nice to see what is happening with all the seed before Germains receives it for treatment”

“It was my first time at SMT and I liked to see it, always good to see what our Sales colleagues are spending their energy on”

“The Bejo tour was the most interesting part of the day! Our tour lasted 1 ½ hours and I liked it from start until end”

Seed meets Technology

Key Account Managers, Andrew Taylor and Hans Renia, representing Germains at ESA

We hope to attend both events again next year!