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Polyselect 500 Shine Series Seeds

Seed Polymers | polyselect® 500 Shine Series

Germains 145 years of experience in the seed industry has enabled us to develop industry leading seed treatments that are a bespoke solution for customers who wish to treat their seed in house. The 500 Shine seed is one of the coatings available in the polyselect® 500 Series, alongside the Sparkle and Matt finishes. As […]

Yellow pumpkin seeds

Seed Polymer Solutions | polyselect® 500 Matt Series

The 500 Matt series is part of Germains polyselect® seed polymers range. When applied to the seed the Matt Series provides a smooth, high quality finish which in combination with bright colours, allows the seed to stand out from others. polyselect® seed polymer range | 500 Matt Series Alongside dust reduction, even distribution of agrochemicals […]

Seed coating polymers used – bright yellow field

Seed Coating Polymers for 3rd Party Usage

Germains is recognised as one of the industry leaders in seed enhancement technologies. We specialise in priming, pelleting, film coating and seed health technologies. In addition, we have a portfolio of seed coating polymers that are available for third party usage, these include: Film coating polymers Pelleting polymers Powder blends polyselect® Seed Coating Polymers Seed […]


Polyselect® seed polymers | Frequently Asked Questions

Germains’ four factory locations in the UK, Netherlands, Spain and U.S.; offer an extensive range of seed technologies that include seed priming, pelleting, filmcoat and health that are applied daily to seeds shipped and grown around the world. However, there may be times when you would like to explore alternative options or seek a customised […]