Celebrating Seed meets Technology

This Autumn, our European Commercial team participated at Seed meets Technology: Seed meets Technology, held in the buildings of the research centre Proeftuin Zwaagdijk (The Netherlands), is an essential event for meeting new contacts and promoting Germains wide range of products. This year it was Germains third year of hosting a booth. The purpose of this event is to help seed companies display their most innovative and market-leading offerings to over 1,700 visitors from across the world.

Jolanda Davidse- van Weverwijk (Key Account Manager) talking to customers

This year Germains had a large booth in the main arena of the Zwaagdijk trial centre, giving us a great opportunity to talk to a large variety of visitors. Germains Commercial and R&D representatives from the United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Spain occupied the booth to promote our new product specifically designed for Brassica, Chard, and Red Beet: Exilis.

This new product is the newest addition to our hygiene range. The advantages of this new product include:

Exilis Chard and Red Beet:
– Pseudomonas syringae pv. aptata. Reduced below 500 CFU in the standard test with 30.000 seeds
– Positive effect on removal of Alternaria spp., Phoma betae
– Minimal impact on seed vitality
– Excellent shelf life tested to 6 months +

Exilis Brassica:
– An innovative new process
– Minimal impact on seed vitality
– Excellent shelf life tested to 6 months +

Customers could also find information about our core business: Priming, Pelleting, Filmcoating, Health, and Polymers. We had a number of offerings and giveaways on display at the event to promote conversation with existing and potential customers.

Polyselect® Polymers on Display

One of the most colourful displays at Germains booth was the polyselect® seed coating polymer range.

These products are used to ensure the precise and accurate distribution of agrochemical treatments, minimise dust from coatings and increase the market appeal of the seed. Germains seed coating polymer reduce dust exposure to comply with ESTA regulations as seen in the graph below.

Click here to find out more information on the polyselect® range.

Seed meets Technology open day for our own employees

This year a group of employees from our production facility in Aalten had the opportunity to visit Seed meets Technology. The Germains team also had the opportunity to visit various Industry Open Days which are hosted across the week alongside the main event. These visits provided a great opportunity for our employees to expand their knowledge of the industry and see how our seed technologies benefit the end product.

Germains employees inside the building of the Open Days

Overall the event has aided Germains in connecting with new customers and exploring future opportunities. By reconnecting with our current customers and suppliers this event helped Germains build stronger relationships for the future.

We hope to see you all next year!