Germains commended in Health and Safety

On Thursday 20 June 2013, Germains Seed Technology’s UK Operations received a commendation from the UK Health and Safety Regulator, following an inspection of Factory 1, the priming, pelleting and filmcoating facility and Factory 2, the priming facility.

The inspection, which was unannounced, included a walk around of both factory sites, over a three hour period.

Germains Health and Safety Logo

Health and Safety best practices and behaviours:

  •  A high standard of housekeeping in both factories
  • Health and Safety engagement process was highlighted as a good demonstration of commitment at all levels (commended)
  • The pesticide store (commended)

The report underlines Germains ongoing commitment to Health and Safety. This external recognition and being described as ‘Best in Class’, with the recommendation that Germains be used as a professional example for others to follow, was particularly satisfying for both the business and the employees who have all worked so hard in achieving such a high level of health and safety engagement.