Germains Backing British Farming at Open Farm Sunday

On the weekend of 10th June, 358 farms up and down the UK opened their gates to the public for LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) Open Farm Sunday.

Germains were proud to support this event at Park Farm, Thorney which received over 12,500 visitors across the weekend and Worth Farms, Holbeach which has 2,300 hectares of arable farm. As a prominent supporter of agriculture events Germains encourage the engagement of the UK’s future farmers into the community.

Open Farm Sunday

The Germains Team at Open Farm Sunday, Park Farm, Thorney

About Open Farm Sunday

This event was first introduced by LEAF in 2006 with the aim to educate and engage local communities on the ‘story behind our food and how farming affects our everyday lives’. The event has now been running for 13 years and had over 2.2 million visitors to farms across the UK.

Building Ladybird Houses

As well as educating the next generation of growers, Germains aim at Open Farm Sunday was to encourage more people to build Ladybird Houses for their gardens. Ladybirds are beneficial insects as they can eat 50 or more aphids a day, hence perfect in any garden! Click here to learn how to make your own Ladybird House!

Ladybird House

Ladybird House

Along with Germains seed matching games there was a wide range of activities for the public to participate in, including a tractor safari, The Sheep Show and watching tractors that drive themselves!

Showcasing our technologies at this year’s event offered a valuable opportunity to engage with British farmers and share our story on how we drive innovation and produce higher yields for UK farming.

Germains is continuing to support educating the importance of farming by attending Kids Country events and we look forward to next year’s Open Farm Sunday which will return on 9th June 2019.