BBRO Winter Meetings | UK Sugar Beet Industry Update

The British Beet Research Organization (BBRO) is a non-profit company, aiming to improve the competitiveness and profitability of the UK beet industry through the introduction and implementation of new technologies.

The objective of the BBRO is to commission and implement research and technology transfer designed to increase the competitiveness and profitability of the UK beet sugar industry in a sustainable and environmentally acceptable manner. This is overseen by the Executive Board members who are responsible for setting the levy.

The BBRO’s strategic objectives include:

  • Increase yield by 4% per year over the next four year
  • Create a 1st class sugar beet innovation team delivering world class trials/demonstrations
  • Lead in best practice for sugar beet production
  • Deliver training and succession planning for the future
  • Leverage greater funds

BBRO Winter Meeting Schedule

BBRO hosts Winter Technical Updates meetings that deliver training sessions and research updates to industry stakeholders. The objective of the meetings is to provide a technical update on the latest techniques and technologies that continue to develop the UK sugar beet crop. The core work of the BBRO will also be covered, based on the ‘three pillars’ of activity: crop stability, crop production and harvest and storage.

Germains representatives will be in attendance at this year’s meetings which will be held at each of the four factory areas: Granta Centre, Great Abington on 2nd (Bury St Edmonds), Norfolk Showground, Norwich on 3rd (Cantley), Exec Centre, Peterborough on 4th February (Wissington) and Lincolnshire Showground, Lincoln on 5th of February (Newark).

Please follow the link to find more information on the BBRO and we look forward to seeing you there!