Germains presents ‘Seed treatments at a glance’ at the German Onion Conference 2016

On the 18th and 19th January, Germains attended the German Onion Conference in Bonn, Germany, alongside other stakeholders to the Onion Industry. Known as ‘Deutsches Zwiebelforum 2016’ in Germany, the bi-annual gathering was organised by the AMI and Rheinische Landwirtschaftsverlag and attended by approximately 150 delegates from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Denmark.

Deutsches Zwiebelforum 2016 Agenda Topics

Topics on the agenda included the breeding of new onion varieties, trends in global onion production and consumption, best agricultural practices, crop protection and of course seed treatment.

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Representing Germains, Dr. Hans Renia one of our Key Account Managers, gave a presentation on seed treatment solutions available for onions, as well as a look into products that will be launched in the near future.

Dr. Hans Renia Key Account Manager | Germains Seed Technology

Based in the Netherlands, Hans joined Germains in November 2015 bringing with him extensive experience within the industry. Having worked with Bayer crop science in a European role, Bejo in a US role and more recently for NSure BV as International Sales Manager, Hans’s skills, knowledge and experiences will further complement the existing European Commercial team.

Hans Renia presents at Deutsches Zwiebelforum 2016

Hans Renia presents at Deutsches Zwiebelforum 2016

Onion Seed Treatments at a glance

Hans’ presentation led to a lively debate on the benefits of seed treatment. The German public showed a special interest in the benefits of priming onion seeds to mitigate the negative effects of unusual cold or wet weather in Spring. In addition to this, Growers were also keen to discuss ways in which seed treatments can significantly reduce the overall need for crop protection products.

Germains' Seed Technology Solutions

Germains’ Seed Technology Solutions

In closing, Dr. Hans Renia gave an outlook on solutions currently in the R&D pipeline of Germains Seed Technology and will become available in the near future. For more information on solutions available for Onion seed, please follow this link or contact us to find out more.