Seed Coating Polymers for 3rd Party Usage

Germains is recognised as one of the industry leaders in seed enhancement technologies. We specialise in priming, pelleting, film coating and seed health technologies. In addition, we have a portfolio of seed coating polymers that are available for third party usage, these include:

  1. Film coating polymers
  2. Pelleting polymers
  3. Powder blends

polyselect® Seed Coating Polymers

Seed Coating Polymers are used in the film coating process and applied to a wide range of species. The film coating process consists of the application of a thin water permeable polymer based coating layer onto the seed, seed coating or pellet. Polymers are available in a range of colours, coverage qualities, opacities and finishes such as matt, shine and sparkle.

Seed Coating Polymer

Seed Coating Polymer with Sparkle Finish

Seed coatings can fulfil a range of purposes, including:

  • Adding weight and mass to very light or fluffy seeds, such as grasses
  • Increasing the size of very small or fine seeds, such as some flower and tobacco seeds. In order to increase the size of undersize seed for specific scale or planting requirements, such as sunflower and corn maize
  • Improving the size and shape of uneven or elongated seeds, such as sugar beet, lettuce and carrot for greater precision of planting
  • Applying seed treatments to protect the seed and seedling from pests and diseases, in a safe and accurate manner for the applicator and end user

Advantages of Polymers

Our seed coating technology systems are comprised of a package of technologies, materials, skills, know-how, quality control and technical support that are required to carry out successful seed treatment, coating and pelleting operations.

Seed Coating Polymers

Seed Coating Polymers are Available for a Number of Field Crops Including Wheat, Barley, and Oil Seed Rape

We offer a range of colours in each series, some also offering a neutral  uncoloured version. Most are supplied in concentrated form, offering a variety of advantages, including:

  • Better shelf life as a result of less settling out of components
  • Greater flexibility of dilution at point of use
  • Less water, resulting in reduced shipping cost and storage costs

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