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Germains’ four factory locations in the UK, Netherlands, Spain and U.S.; offer an extensive range of seed technologies that include seed priming, pelleting, filmcoat and health that are applied daily to seeds shipped and grown around the world. However, there may be times when you would like to explore alternative options or seek a customised seed technology solution specific to your needs or production environment.

Bespoke solutions: polyselect® seed polymers

Germains polyselect seed polymers offer our customers a flexible approach in developing bespoke seed technology solutions that satisfy your specific requirements. Germains polyselct® seed polymers blends are an excellent option for companies who wish to treat their seeds in-house with a quality polymer blend developed by Germains Seed Technology.

Before making your purchase, please review our product information on our website. In addition, we highly recommend that you read the following frequently asked questions and contact one of our Key Account Managers, who will guide you in determining which seed technology is the right choice for you.

Examples of Polymer Packaging

Polyselect Seed Polymers | Bespoke Seed Solutions by Germains Seed Technology

Frequently Asked Questions:

How are polyselect® seed polymers packaged?

We provide a variety of packaging arrangements to suit all logistical situations, including:

  • 1000 kg (Intermediate Bulk Container)
  • 25, 60, 120, or 210 kg plastic drums
  • 10 kg plastic bottles

Note: Standard packaging for North America:

  • 1000 kg (Intermediate Bulk Container)
  • 210 kg fibre drums
  • 20 kg plastic drums

How long can polyselect seed polymers be stored?

Our polymers are designed to remain stable in storage for a one year period from the manufacturers date on the label.Polymers should always be stored in original or suitable containers, which are sealed, away from direct sunlight, and in temperature ranges of minimum 5C/41F to a maximum of 40C/104F. Under no circumstances must the material be allowed to freeze.

Which coater should I use?

Polyselect® seed polymers are specially formulated to perform equally well in continuous coaters, rotary batch coaters and side vented drum coaters.

How quickly can I get my order of products?

We aim to dispatch orders of our standard range of polymer and colour blends within 15 days of receipt of order. Customised orders may take longer, however dispatch dates will always be discussed and confirmed.

Is there anything I should do prior to using polyselect seed polymers?

Storage, transport, and any interrupted use of the polymer will cause some settling of contents, particularly solids. It is therefore very important to ensure that before each use, polyselect polymers are thoroughly stirred.

The following are re-blending guidelines, as each user will have different equipment at their disposal:

  • The ideal disperser blade is about one third of the diameter of the container to be mixed, and the height of contents to be mixed should be less than three times the diameter of the blade
  • The blade should be positioned approximately at half mark of the total height to be mixed
  • The polymer blend should be mixed thoroughly, as fast as possible, whilst preventing splashing and uptake of air into the mix
  • The recommended mixing time is approximately 10 minutes, and agitation must continue until polyselect is ready to be used
  • Agitation during use is recommended, but may not be required on a continual basis
  • If large containers of polyselect are being divided up into smaller units, the largest container must be fully stirred first, prior to transfer of the blended polymer into smaller units. Once repackaged, the smaller packages must also be stirred before use
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What do I do about cleaning down the coating machine?

Each coating machine should be cleaned down immediately after use, or between treatments, using cold, clean water.

What about waste?

Liquid waste should be disposed of in compliance with the local waste disposal regulations, as well as recommendations stated on agrochemical manufacturer’s labels, and our SDS documents.

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